Let’s face it. A flipped classroom is an amazing thing.  Most teachers are happy to embrace it. Video lessons are the most efficient way to share your knowledge as your students can watch them during their free time anywhere, using their mobile phones. Even better, they save valuable instructional time in the classroom.

However, creating a flipped lesson, even the shortest one, takes time. A lot of time. Not to mention the technical expertise you have to gain if you are a beginner. The installation of software, the purchase of hardware, editing, encoding and so on. No wonder many teachers avoid creating their own video and instead resort to a YouTube search.

Students prefer to hear their teacher’s voice and watch a genuine video lesson he or she created rather than watching another teacher’s video. They feel more engaged with their teacher and the teacher can direct them to the most important points he or she wishes to emphasize. Therefore, the flipped-classroom trend, although very promising, still falls short of its visionary idea of letting the students learn at home and talk about it in class.

A young startup consisting of a few teachers and technological experts gathered to boost the flipped classroom trend by simplifying the video creation process. This company, called theLearnia, is a free online tool that helps non-technical teachers to create a video in a single click and share it with another click. Simple as that.
Instead of investing the time and efforts in the technological aspects of creating the video, theLearnia helps teachers to focus on their teaching and to leave the technology in the background to do the work for you.

Creating a video lesson never been that easy. It takes 5 minutes to create a 5 minute video lesson. The results are astonish

“Creating a video lesson has never been that easy” said Yosi Avraham theLearnia CEO, Co-founder and a teacher himself. “Teachers can upload their ready-made presentations and convert them into a video lesson followed by their voice-over and explanation. Alternatively, teachers can load one of the ready-made templates or start with a blank page adding background, pictures, text and sketch”.

A 5 min lesson takes 5 minute to create as the recording is done in real-time. There is no need to install anything or edit. Encoding and uploading is done automatically. The results will astonish you. In a few clicks, you can make a very impressive video lesson with vivid colors and graphics that will encourage your students to watch and learn.


Screen shoot from theLearnia’s whiteboard. Just place your pictures and talk. theLearnia will do the rest.

Similar to YouTube, the lessons are stored in the cloud. Sharing is also easy. Just copy the link of the lesson you created and paste it via email, SMS or WhatsApp to share with your students. Another option is to share it with a preferred social network.

I gave my students an assignment to create a video lesson about the reasons for the start of the Second World War. The variety of ideas were much more than I could imagine. I’m sure my students will never forget the reasons after this assignment.

Teachers can also use theLearnia to give assignments to their students. For example, a history teacher decided to have her students research the reasons for the start of the Second World War and create a 3-minute video lesson explaining them. These videos were shared among the students and watched at home. “I’m sure that my students will never forget the reasons why the Second World War began. The variety of ideas and different angles presented by the students were much more than I could even imagine. It opened a very interesting debate in the classroom and I’m ready to give them their next mission. In fact, they did not even notice they were doing homework. For them, it was a kind of a game to play.

theLearnia is free with a full set of features to help you, the teacher, to flip the classroom easily and share your knowledge with the class. You are welcome to try it on www.theLearnia.com