We were very interested in learning what motivates thousands of teachers to invest their free time at home to flip their classroom and to use eLearning tools. So, we asked. The results are nothing short of astounding

We are at the end of the school year which is a great time to look back and reflect on how the trends of flipped classroom and e-learning were adopted by teachers in the classroom.

If you have not flipped your classroom yet, never used eLearning tools or still hesitate to use technology in your classroom, you are lagging far behind the majority of teachers.

As we saw more and more teachers embracing new technologies in their classroom, we were curious to understand their motivation to learn, to invest the time to create new educational materials and no less important – to share.

So we conducted the big survey. We sent emails to hundreds of teachers registered at our website www.theLearnia.com and asked them to help us understand what motivates them to use eLearning platforms.

For those who still are not familiar with theLearnia, it is a free online tool that helps teachers to create a video lesson in minutes and share it with their students.

We assume that teachers registered on our website, are #edtech fans and also use other eLearning tools such as Edmodo, Schoolgy, Google Classroom and others.

To be honest, the survey was not meant just to satisfy our curiosity but mostly it was used as a good lesson for us to improve theLearnia and fit it to the requirements and habits of teachers.

We asked 7 questions. Some of the question were very direct (Like: what will motivate you to create a video lesson) while others asked about past experience in eLearning.


Number of teachers claimed video lesson are effective tool for teaching


Prefer PC over tablet to create video lessons


Created at least one video lesson

Although all the questions were multiple choice, we also enabled teachers to add text in one of the fields, and we published the most repetitive input from many of you.

The results are published as an infographic which is very convincing to read and understand.

Our request to fill the survey was sent to around 10 thousand frequent users of theLearnia. Around 1050 of the teachers filled out the survey (very impressive considering the fact not all people open their email). After clearing some forms we were left with around 950 surveys which we then processed and presented as an infographic.



  • Money is not a key motivator to invest the time to create video lessons
  • Time is of the essence. Teachers are willing to create video as long as it consumes no more than half hour
  • The majority of the teachers understand and agree that video lessons are the most effective way to teach their students
  • Online and cloud based solution are preferred tools over PC installed ones.
  • While most teachers reported that the key motivator is not the money, 79% said they are willing to have extra income by selling offline course (we wrote a note to develop such a feature)
  • 46% specifically said they created a video lesson at least once. This is very surprising considering that there are other tools teachers can use for eLearning.
  • While we all go for tablets and mobile, when it comes to creating a video lesson – PC is still the king.

*We will conduct more surveys soon. If you wish to participate in our survey that will afterward be shared, or updated with new technologies in your classroom please register to our blog at the right side of the screen.