The new school year is almost here. You’re probably finishing your classroom setup, preparing new lesson plans for the year, and experiencing the excitement of a new beginning.

But in reality, this year will probably be very similar to previous years. Despite your best efforts, not much will really be changed. Preparing materials, lecturing in front of the class, trying to gauge which students understood you and which ones got lost along the way, and then reviewing and reassessing over and over again.

One month from today your class can be cutting-edge, using state of the art technology – All in a zero budget

But things could be totally different, and surprisingly –with very little effort from you. In fact, one month from today your class can be cutting-edge, using state of the art technology, and showing real excitement by engaging with your content in a fresh, new way. You might even be asked to share your new expertise with others.

This change needs nothing else but you. No budgeting, setup or special approval is required. You have all the tools you need to start, and to start now.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the website, we can only say that this is a FREE online whiteboard that helps teachers to create awesome video lessons in minutes. No special hardware is needed and there is nothing to install.

Here’s an example to show you how simple it is. Do you have a presentation in PPT format? Great. Within only 5 minutes you can make this static presentation into a beautiful video lesson followed with your own voice and explanation. In fact, this is the fastest way to start using theLearnia. Thousands of teachers have already experienced this tool, created and shared their video lessons


Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Press the link and register with one of the social network or your Edmodo account.
  2. Choose the second option in the welcome screen (“Upload Presentation) and upload your presentation.
  3. Press the RECORD button (you can’t miss that red big button on top). Talk, sketch and point your mouse courser wherever you want.
  4. Finished recording? Great. Press the SAVE button, give the lesson a name and share the results with your students.

Here is a tip for you: You video does not need to be a production in the level of Walt Disney studios. Far from that. We can assure you, from our experience, that anything you’ll create will be far more engaging than sending a static presentation or reading a book. As long as your students hear  your voice-over, it will be enough to get them motivated.


To help you with your first steps, we have created a “behind the scenes” video that you can follow

Simple. Right?

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your first back to school video lesson and share it with your students. Besides delivering content effectively, we promise you and your students will also have a lot of fun.